Episode 24

Living Your Life On Target! (Feat: Chris and Matt Johnson)

While wealth is a primary focus on our podcast, we're taking a different approach today and examining the importance of health. Without a healthy lifestyle, your Path to Abundant Living could be quite short!

On the latest episode of Path to Abundant Living, we welcome Chris Johnson, Founder & CEO of On Target Living, and Matt Johnson, President of On Target Living, to discuss their signature REST EAT MOVE system.

As the company's Founder, Chris has become an international speaker, thought leader and best-selling author. He is on a mission to inspire people to take small steps to healthy living.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:16 - How Matt and Scott met Chris Johnson of On Target Living

3:10 - Background on Chris Johnson

4:48 - How Chris launched On Target Living

9:06 - What differentiates On Target Living from other health and fitness organizations

11:27 - We're not truly taught the foundations of health in schools, which leads to medical illiteracy

15:07 - Your "why" needs to be bigger than your "but"

18:22 - How On Target Living impacts lives on a regular basis

20:27 - How Matt came into the fold and began working with his Dad

27:37 - Their passion for giving back and impacting someone's life

32:45 - The challenges of working with family

36:26 - What they enjoy most about running a family business

40:32 - How their parents impacted their relationships with money

44:55 - Farewell to Chris and Matt

48:03 - Final takeaways and key considerations from this conversation

51:28 - Closing remarks

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