Episode 10

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15th Mar 2022

Path to Abundant Living - Episode 10 (It's Time to Review That Trust!)

With so many changes in the world, and perhaps in your own family, a trust you’ve set up to achieve your financial goals could be out of date even if it’s just a few years old.

On the latest installment of Path to Abundant Living, we're examining how to size up the current status of a trust to see whether it's still on track, so you can decide if any changes are appropriate.

This is a routine conversation that Scott and Matt are having with their clients at Morrison Nordmann & Associates, so there's plenty of great information packed into today's episode! Sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

2:05 - There's more to the process than simply setting up a trust

2:50 - Why a trust may become outdated

3:50 - Where to begin the process of reviewing your existing trust

6:30 - Items overlooked on a trust that need to be updated

8:35 - The mistakes that people make when it comes to their trusts

11:18 - The next steps needed to ensure your trust is operating at an optimal level

14:12 - What a stress test could uncover about someone's trust

16:44 - This process is done hand-in-hand with a team of professionals

19:22 - How to get in touch with Matt and Scott to continue this conversation

20:02 - Closing remarks

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