Episode 13

Finding Advisors Who Are Truly Client-Centric

When advisors truly know their clients, as people and not just numbers on a paper, they can better help them achieve their financial and other goals.

In the latest episode of Path to Abundant Living, Matt and Scott are exploring the value associated with having advisors that are truly client-centric, as well as how you can identify if your current advisor takes a client-centric approach.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:30 - How wealth management has changed to become more client-centric overall

2:30 - The steps wealth managers are taking to understand their clients on a deeper level

3:33 - What a thorough discovery process looks like

6:40 - An example of detailed discovery process and the key areas it identifies

9:28 - Your assets are just one small component of a much bigger picture

13:29 - Identifying your values is a complex process

15:40 - How you can get in touch with Matt and Scott to go through their discovery process

16:55 - Closing remarks

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