Episode 22

Traveling to a Life of Significance with Cindy Gonzalez

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You've worked so hard to achieve success and the wealth that comes along with it. For many people in this position, they look to travel as a means of enjoying that wealth and creating long-lasting memories for them and their families.

On the latest episode of Path to Abundant Living, Matt and Scott are joined by Cindy Gonzalex, Owner & Designer at Theory of Travel, for a great conversation surrounding her efforts to create custom curated travel experiences and eliminate the hassle of vacation planning for you.

Cindy shares some fantastic travel strategies, as well as her top destinations she's sending individuals and families these days. You don't want to miss this fun episode!


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

3:00 - Travel is an important item for many affluent families and individuals

5:00 - Cindy joins the show and describes Theory of Travel

6:50 - Cindy's process on getting to know her clients and curating a custom travel experience

8:39 - Steering her clients toward one destination versus another

10:20 - Educating her clients on what unique travel opportunities exist

12:18 - Cindy's ideal clients

16:38 - Safety concerns when traveling to exotic locations

20:16 - Cindy's top 3 destinations in 2023

24:08 - Additional travel tips and considerations

26:19 - Ryan's experience using a concierge vacation planning service

28:00 - Scott's experience having to cancel a vacation due to Covid-19

31:55 - Closing remarks

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