Episode 18

Here's How Successful People Set Goals for Themselves

There’s no shortage of goals that we want to achieve for ourselves, our loved ones, and even our communities. But defining meaningful goals and pursuing them intelligently is a big challenge for many of us.

On the latest episode of Path to Abundant Living, we’re looking at some ways we can develop a clear vision for our lives, translate that vision into actionable objectives, and go after those goals with gusto.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:28 - Why goal setting is such an important facet of life

2:16 - Tips for developing goals

3:19 - You want to be extremely clear when setting your goals

4:15 - The first step within intelligent goal setting

5:53 - You need to use a SWOT analysis when setting goals

7:32 - Take the low-hanging fruit

9:13 - An appropriate number of goals to be working on

11:02 - Issues that arise when people pursue their goals

13:02 - How you can get in touch with Matt and Scott

14:00 - Closing remarks

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