Episode 1

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24th May 2021

Path to Abundant Living - Episode 1 (Stress Testing)

In the inaugural episode of Path to Abundant Living, we introduce you to Scott Morrison and Matt Nordmann, Managing Partners of Morrison, Nordmann & Associates, as they shed light on one of the most important financial conversations of all - the stress testing process.

Stress tests are an integral part of Scott and Matt's wealth management process and they are designed to evaluate whether an individual, family, or business's current financial portfolio is likely to generate the results they want and expect. Scott and Matt work with an array of clients, with varying net worths, and there are numerous lessons to be learned in watching the stress testing process be utilized throughout these different circumstances.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy and enlightening conversation surrounding the benefits of this process and how a stress test can be used to benefit your own wealth management strategy.


00:06 - Show introduction and overview on the show

01:05 - Introducing Scott Morrison and Matt Nordmann

02:22 - What people can be doing right now to give them peace of mind about their finances?

04:10 - Why the stress testing process is so valuable

06:14 - The three main ways a stress test can be utilized

07:54 - An example of why someone was prompted to come get a stress test

10:15 - An example of how a stress test helped benefit someone's financial situation

13:08 - The keys to make sure a stress test is being done well

14:00 - How the human element comes into play during this stress testing process

15:56 - How Scott and Matt get into the heart of their clients' goals and values

20:00 - A lesson that can be learned from the super rich individuals

23:00 - What the stress testing experience looks like when working with Scott and Matt

27:27 - Final remarks

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