Episode 2

What Makes a Good Wealth Manager Great?

In the second installment of Path to Abundant Living, Matt and Scott explore the key ingredient missing within most wealth managers and why affluent individuals should be demanding more out of their financial planning professional. 

It’s no secret that the affluent have access to the top financial professionals, who possess the highest levels of financial acumen attainable. However, in most cases, that isn’t enough to efficiently and effectively manage a client’s portfolio. In this episode, Matt and Scott highlight the importance of the human element and its role within their conversations with clients. Only by understanding the client’s core values and personal goals, will a wealth manager be able to develop the most effective wealth strategy.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy another enlightening conversation surrounding the client. By understanding what is most important to you, and what you hope to ultimately achieve your wealth, your wealth manager can begin to set you on the path to abundant living.


00:06 – Introduction and overview on today’s episode

02:22 – Why those with significant assets should be demanding more from their wealth manager

04:00 – The missing link when it comes to a majority of wealth managers today

05:15 – What the human element entails

8:25 – Why the human element is so important within wealth management specifically

11:00 – How the human element is weaved into the overall stress testing process

12:40 – Instances where a stress test reveals no problems

14:06 – How to assess whether a wealth manager cares about the human element as a whole

17:21 – What Matt and Scott would look for when seeking out a wealth manager

18:28 – The discovery process at Morrison, Nordmann & Associates

20:10 – Other important aspects when it comes to delivering the human element

22:42 – Closing remarks


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