Episode 26

Seven Things You Should Do Right Now!

It's easy to drag your feet on making financial decisions. We're all guilty of it. However, indecision, or a lack of action, can be detrimental to your financial world and keep you from achieving the future goals you have in mind!

On the latest episode of Path to Abundant Living, we're addressing seven items you can be doing right now to reinforce your financial world and put you on the path to abundant living.


0:06 - Introduction and overview on the topic of the day

1:39 - Why you should be addressing your Powers of Attorney now

5:23 - It's never too early to consider estate planning efforts

8:00 - Take a second look at your insurance coverages

10:50 - Examine your specific assets and identify coverages from there

14:23 - Pay yourself first

20:21 - Have your end goal in mind

24:23 - Have a mentor or guide to support you in achieving your goals

27:28 - Assess your good and bad debt

33:50 - Identify your legacy

39:43 - Leverage a third party facilitator to help with legacy conversations

42:36 - Living an amazing life of significance

47:35 - How to get in touch with Matt and Scott

48:34 - Closing remarks

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